Lauren Mayberry Calls Out Misogynistic Garbage People Trolling The New CHVRCHES Music Video

CHVRCHES frontwoman Lauren Mayberry has continued to highlight the ridiculous amount of misogynistic comments she receives online by naming and shaming an online forum in which people have been commenting on CHVRCHES’ new music video for Leave A Trace.

Taking to Twitter, Mayberry has posted a screenshot (below) of a Twitter user asking her to take part in a forum on the 4chan website which has been spewing sexist comments directed at the singer and her band’s latest video.

“Dear anyone who thinks misogyny isn’t real. It is and this is what it looks like,” Mayberry posted, before adding a link to the 4chan forum in question.

In the 4chan thread, users can be seen commenting on the Leave A Trace video (below) with statements like “Time to whip out the Vaseline”, “Lauren Mayberry Playboy shoot when?” and “I thought Lauren was pure, why did she agree to dress like a slut?”.

Meanwhile, the CHVRCHES Twitter account also commented on the 4chan thread, posting, “PSA: apparently wet hair makes you a ‘slut’. Nice work, 4chan / humanity.”

Twitter user Jessica June Kim later responded directly to Mayberry’s posts, saying, “Blocking many tweets coming my way for voicing my opinion on that disgusting thread. What sickos they are.”

Mayberry responded to Kim’s message by saying, “Sorry that’s happening to you, Jessica, but thanks for our support. Stay safe online.”

Mayberry signed off by posting a video of Hayden Panettiere performing the song Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave on ABC‘s Nashville television series. “Signing off the internet for the day,” Mayberry tweeted. “To the haters, have a bit of what [Panettiere] said.”

In April this year, Mayberry shared with the world a vile misogynistic comment which was sent to the CHVRCHES Instagram account, and followed the comment with a statement, saying, “I am not going anywhere. So bring it on, motherfuckers. Let’s see who blinks first.”

In 2013, Mayberry published an editorial in The Guardian about “online mysigony”. In her piece, she said she was disgusted at the reaction she faced after asking for people to stop sending her lewd comments on Facebook.

CHVRCHES’ second album, Every Open Eye, is set to be released on Friday, 25th September. Aside from Leave A Trace, the band have also shared new songs Never Ending Circles and Clearest Blue.

Watch: CHVRCHES – Leave A Trace

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