Lil Wayne Ordered Not To Fly By Doctors After Mile High Scare

Following up on a recent story regarding hip hop mogul, Lil Wayne and a mid-air seizure, Weezy has since been put on a strict no-flight list, medically speaking.

He apparently experienced two seizures while cruising on his private jet, forcing an emergency landing in Texas. Since then, he has been resting up at his mother’s place, and according to TMZ has made multiple trips back to the doctor over the ordeal. He is on strong orders to chill for a bit, which means no flying, and also no working.

Weezy has attributed the whole thing to pushing himself too hard since leaving the slammer, labelling the health scare as a “life-changing event” and an “eye-opener.”

Next stop for Lil Wayne is his place in Miami. But what a bummer, with the private jet out of the question, he’ll have to stick it out in the luxury tour bus.

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