Listen: Offspring New Single ‘Cruising California’ + Possible Australian Tour, 2012

When speaking with Triple M, frontman Dexter Holland has revealed that the Offspring are scheduled to come to Australia later this year.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been here and we love coming to Australia. I’ve heard towards the end of the year”, Holland said.

The Offspring’s new record Days Go By is also slated for release later this year and has thus far produced two singles.

The first single was the title track Days Go By and received very strong and mixed reactions from listeners.

The lastest single is titled Cruising California, which, as Holland explained while talking to Triple M, is a more light-hearted affair.

“It is a different song… People have compared it to ‘Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)’ and I kind of get that, but we wrote a lot of serious songs for the album and towards the end of the record it felt like I wanted to have a couple of fun songs on the record too. So we wrote this one towards the end and it’s about what it would be like driving down to the beach of our hometown”, Holland said.

Considering that Guitarist Noodles apparently claimed that Days Go By will sound like the records The Offspring used to make “20 years ago”, you might expect a track that reminds you of 1992s Ignition… Let’s compare:

Listen: Offspring – Cruising CaliforniaDays Go By – 2012

The Offspring – SessionIgnition – 1992

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