Man Charged With Peeing On Woman At Spiderbait Concert Denies Allegations

A 26-year old man who last year was charged with urintating on the leg of a female punter at a Spiderbait gig has denied culpability for the incident.

As Fairfax Media reports that Joel Morrison today told the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court that he didn’t urinate on the alleged victim Belle Nolan during the Melbourne leg of Spiderbait’s 25th anniversary tour at 170 Russell.

At the time Morrison was charged with displaying disorderly conduct, unlawful assault and behaving in an offensive manner.

His lawyer Michael McNamara told the court the prosecution’s case was “weak” and was “not going to get any better” because it relied on low quality CCTV footage.

“I looked up and saw this guy looking at me, doing up his fly and I realised he had urinated on me,” said Belle Nolan at the time. “I was in shock. He just smirked and shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal.”

Spiderbait addressed the incident shortly after the allegations were made, declaring they were “dumbfounded.”

The case has been set for a half-day trial on the 25th of July.

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