Police Looking For A Man Who Peed On A Punter At A Spiderbait Gig

Police have released security footage of a man who is suspected to have peed on a punter at a Spiderbait gig in Melbourne.

The Herald Sun is reporting that a man was booted out of Melbourne venue 170 Russell during a Spiderbait set in February of this year after he peed on 33 year-old music fan Belle Nolan. While he was kicked out immediately after, security never got his details.

Spiderbait were playing at a sold out Melbourne show as part of their 25th Anniversary national tour. Nolan was standing to the left of the stage when she noticed a “liquid drip” on her leg and foot.

“At first I thought someone had spilled their drink on me,” she told The Herald Sun.

“But then I realised it was warm and I turned around and saw this guy fiddling with his fly behind me. He just looked right at me — then he kind of shrugged his shoulders and smirked as though it wasn’t a big deal. I was completely in shock.”

Nolan further said that he “exposed himself” to her and “seemed to direct the urine”.

“People have asked me if it’s possible he was too drunk to go to the toilet — but I don’t think there’s any excuse. He knew what he did. And he didn’t care.”

Police are treating the incident as an assault and are looking for the man who appeared caucasian, 187cm and aged between 25 and 30. He is said to be of medium build with short dark hair, dark eyes and clean shaven. He was wearing a purple shirt and dark pants at the time.

People with information are being urged to contact Crime Stoppers via 1800 333 000 or

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