Man Cops $800 Fine After Peeing On Woman At Spiderbait Concert

A 26-year old man who was last year charged with urintating on the leg of a female punter at a Spiderbait gig has copped an $800 fine.

Joel Morrison was convicted of the crime in a Melbourne Court, with the Magistrate referring to his actions as “disgusting”.

Despite originally denying the allegations, the literal piss-taker copped to the charge in the hopes of getting chucked on the court’s diversion program and dodging a criminal record.

But Magistrate Franz Holzer instead doused him with a hot yellow stream of justice.

“I’m going to refuse the application … the matters are frankly disgusting,” Holzer said (via Fairfax Media), putting Morrison on a 12-month good behaviour bond and ordering him to pay $800 to charity.

Holzer was convicted of unzipping and draining the lizard all over the leg of a 33-year-old female punter during the Melbourne leg of Spiderbait’s 25th anniversary tour at 170 Russell.

Spiderbait addressed the incident shortly after the allegations were made, declaring they were “dumbfounded”.

Image: The Herald Sun

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