MegaUpload File Archive Deletion Put On hold

The scheduled deletion of MegaUpload’s entire file archive has been put on hold today, so that its millions of users would have the opportunity to retrieve their personal content from the popular file-sharing service.

The entire contents of MegaUpload was set to be removed on Thursday by Carpathia and Cogent, two of MegaUpload’s file server hosts, due to the company’s locked assets, and inability to pay their costs for hosting. No one has been able to access their data since the US government closed down the site earlier last month and arrested several people involved with the popular file sharing site, including owner Kim Dotcom.

MegaUpload attorney Ira Rothke says he is negotiating with the government to unfreeze MegaUpload assets to keep servers active so the company can deliver consumer data back to consumers. The two companies have agreed not to purge data for at least two weeks.

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