Metallica Share Behind The Scenes Video For The Making Of ‘Now We’re All Dead’

Just when you thought the fanfare behind Metallica’s brand new album Hardwired…To Self-Destruct was done and dusted, think again. It appears the band still have more unheard and unreleased material surrounding the album, today sharing a fly on the wall style short doco showing the making of album track Now We’re All Dead.

The footage displays a very diplomatic approach to writing the track. Members all gather around whomever may be tracking, helping them through their sections. Prepare for to feel widely inadequate at guitar given how easily Kirk throws some solos together. You should also prepare to feel hugely under skilled in the vocal area too with Hetfield belting out some serious notes with some motivation to “lift the lid” from Lars.

Lars does nail a beat here and there too, displaying a hellova lot of pride about it. Good on him.

No doubt devotees of the band will lose their shit over the video, which gives the sort of insight we’ve not had since Some Kind Of Monster. On that note, a certain band member’s reaction to feedback has changed a lot since then…


Now, everyone seems pretty damn stoked to hear what everyone has to say. Interestingly enough, the track had the working title of Tin Shot. The new name definitely fits better with the tracklist.

Hardwired…has gone on to move a pretty impressive 291,000 units in North America in its first week, debuting at #1 on The Billboard 200.

WATCH: Metallica: Tin Shot – The Making of “Now That We’re Dead”

WATCH: Metallica – Now We’re All Dead (official video)

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