Watch Metallica Perform A Four-Man Drum Jam

Metallica are currently playing shows across the globe as part of their Hardwired tour, and recently have been performing a piece where the entire band puts down their instruments to play massive tribal drums.

Now footage has emerged of the band performing their four-man drum jam at a gig in Philadelphia recently.

During the track ‘Now That We’re Dead’, the band face each other in an extended jam, with no sound other than the noise of the band striking these enormous drums filling the stage.

In an interview with Newsday, Lars Ulrich spoke of the weird and wonderful idea to perform in a drum circle, and its of little surprise that the concept came from the mind of frontman James Hetfield.

“I know it’s been on Hetfield’s laundry list for some time to experiment with a drum piece,” Ulrich said. “He’s always been a bit of a closet drummer, so he suggested that we all somehow stitch together a drum interlude.”

Check out the bizarre moment below.

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