Midnight Oil Have No Plans To Reform, Long-Term Manager Quits

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the future plans of Midnight Oil following Peter Garrett’s departure from politics, but a statement from the band’s camp is set to douse the reunion fire. The band’s long-term manager Gary Morris has addressed the rumours, announcing he will be ending his current arrangement with the band as a sign that there are in fact, no signs of life from within Midnight Oil.

Speaking in a straightforward manner, Morris explains that he will be relinquishing his role as the band’s manager and unofficial 6th band member from this point on:

“Midnight Oil’s legacy is undeniable, we have achieved great things together, there is much to be proud of in the band’s list of achievements, we are brothers in arms and I will always be there for them… However, in light of recent speculation as to whether the band will reconvene now that Peter is quitting the political arena, now is the time to make my own position clear as to my future involvement with Midnight Oil.”

Other band members have commented on the news also, all speaking of their experiences in the bands in glowing terms but implying that whatever course Midnight Oil was on, it has been well and truly run by now

Drummer Rob Hirst stated, “This news comes with mixed emotions: quiet reflection, warm affection and misty nostalgia for our shared history, alongside a real sense of achievement and well-deserved pride.” Garrett himself added, “We truly did accomplish amazing and enduring things working together and we should treasure that, now and in the future.”

Morris spoke out after a massive influx of requests for the band to headline festivals all over the world. The rumour mill went into full effect the moment Peter Garrett announced he would be stepping down from his duties in parliament following the recent leadership switch-a-roo.

Morris currently resides in Tasmania where he is kept busy with a number of other projects. Will Midnight Oil continue with out him? Most likely no, with Morris explaining last week, “Knowing where everyone’s heads are at, I can’t see it happening.”

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