Midnight Oil Officially Reform, Promise 2017 Australian Tour Dates

It’s safe to say that when the biggest news story of the week is who wore who to the Met Gala, and when Donald Trump is now a bees dick away from a Presidential nomination – the world needs some Midnight Oil. The band have also felt this calling. Jumping on Facebook first thing this morning to let us know it’s all good – they got this.

The legendary Australian rockers have confirmed they’ll be loading up the van again for a run of show throughout Australia and the world in 2017. In the message directed to their fans, the band explain they don’t have the dates confirmed just yet, and that “It will probably be at least the end of this year before we know exactly where or when.”

Fans are invited to sign up to their newsletter to cop the announcement as soon as it happens.

The band have been ducking and weaving around reunion rumours since the dawn of time.

Midnight Oil began to dissolve back in 2002 when main man Peter Garrett announced his departure to focus on his political career. Throughout the years various events and causes inspired them to re-appear onstage but this will be the most involved commitment from the band in some time.

Get excited and stay tuned

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