Multiple Petitions Want To Stop Kanye West Releasing David Bowie Tribute Album

UPDATE 21/01/16: Turns out Kanye isn’t working on a David Bowie tribute album after all.

This was Bound 2 happen — news of Kanye West‘s alleged plan to release an album of David Bowie covers in the late muso’s honour has been met with petitions from around the world ordering him to stop whatever he’s doing and essentially leave Bowie alone. #leavebowiealone

As previously reported, a mystery source has said that Yeezy is currently spending hours in the studio putting his own spin on Bowie tracks like Changes, Heroes and Rebel, Rebel, but some Bowie fans aren’t having any of it.

A string of anti-Kanye petitions have been launched in the last 48 hours, with everything from a few dozen to a few thousand signatures to their name, but all with one thing in common — the determination to stop Yeezy in his tracks, even though the Bowie covers album isn’t official yet.

The biggest anti-Kanye petition, created by 38 Degrees user Peter Piranha, has over 5,600 signatures at the time of writing.

Fellow petition creator Saskia Lancaster, whose Stop Kanye West doing a David Bowie Tribute petition has just over 100 supporters, says, “He murdered Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody [which legit happened], let’s not allow him to murder David Bowie’s songs too.”

There are also a bunch of petitions up on from Australia, Austria, the UK and the US, with names like Do not destroy Bowie, Kanye! and Bowie Deserves Better Than Kanye.

Yeezy is yet to public comment on reports of his alleged Bowie tribute album plans, nor the petitions against it, but we imagine his reaction would be something along the lines of…

kanye i'm the best gif

Bowie has inspired many musical tributes since passing away after an 18-month battle with cancer earlier this month. Aussie musos like Sarah Blasko and Gang Of Youths have covered his music, as has (for some reason) Smash Mouth, whose cover the internet wasn’t too happy about.

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