Muse Officially Unveils ‘The 2nd Law’ Today

After a stellar year in anticipation of their latest album The 2nd Law, the moment has finally come. Today marks the official release date of the album that has had not just Muse fans, but music heads all over the world talking. The 2nd Law is now safely in the hands of those it was made for.

Earlier in the year, fans raised a collective eyebrow after reports came through that Skrillex has heavily influenced the release, and that the band would be incorporating dubstep on the album. The initial singles released did little to remedy their fears, with the wob-heavy Unsustainable and the olympic theme Survival being the first sneak peaks off the release.

Madness was soon to follow and showed more of the band’s rock sensibilities. Fans followed with a collective sigh of relief once Supremacy leaked earlier this week as it was testament to just how dynamic the release was going to be, securing loads of new fans with the new direction, but also keeping those who had been following the band doing just that – following the band.

The album itself reportedly leaked very recently also, but today will be the first chance to listen to the whole thing without the copyright guilt monster getting to you.

And now we play the waiting game as to when the band will arrive Down Under. We’ve had claims it’ll be early next year, as well as early 2014. Only time will tell when we will be able to watch The 2nd Law in a live setting. But until then, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy, sit back, and watch where it takes you.

Buy The 2nd Law on iTunes NOW!

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