Image for Fans React To New Muse Single: “If That Song Was A Human Face I’d Punch It”

Fans React To New Muse Single: “If That Song Was A Human Face I’d Punch It”

Written by Marc Zanotti on June 28, 2012

This morning Muse finally unveiled their latest single Survival, which will feature on the band’s upcoming 6th studio album The 2nd Law and also serve as the official theme song for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Although the usually vocal readers of Music Feeds have so far revsereved their judgement, save for a handful of ‘Facebook Likes‘, triple j has been bombarded with numerous texts and tweets. To say the new single has garnered a mixed reaction is somewhat of an understatement as fans appear heavily divided on the track.

triple j has kindly posted some of the more ‘articulate’ reactions to Survival by Muse for all our reading pleasure. Enjoy…

Fans reactions to Survival by Muse taken from Triple j’s text line and twitter:

I’d prefer to come last than listen to that before my medal ceremony

Just been smashing my drum kit to Survival. Awesome. šŸ™‚

London gets muse Sydney got shannon noll. We win

Hell yeah dressage! Think that song might scare my horse though

We are the champions is wwwwwway better!! ,Pfft

Sounds like muse have been hangin out with Susan boyle

I’m a fan. It’s like an intense version of Queen.

Sounds like it’s should be a footy club anthem

Kate Hudson hasn’t improved their sound at all!?

God I love these guys more and more each song!

Reminds me of a Communist victory anthem.

Thank you boys this is a much better song.

Ummmmm….I like it. But it makes me laugh, at it, not with it.

I <3 this muse song......Freddy mercury would be so proud šŸ˜€ Now you've heard it you can never unhear it - Bellamy is a super loud in-breather! Going to get sick of it really quickly. Well, it's very 'Olympic Theme' isn't it. Epic. Very Queen-esque. Not my cup of tea, but I can see what they're doing. Maybe. Disney vs. Queen... A little Ben Folds with Bellamy vocals. Whickitty Whack. Mother flippin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was a Muse fan... that was the biggest let down since the Y2K bug. Epic sound is EPIC. LOVE it! This song scares me. Nick. Brunswick a-muse-ing! Muse - I fell asleep waiting for the intro to go somewhere. Then I woke up in what sounded like a high school musical. Good for a laugh. Well it's better than that Knights of Sardonia shit. Sounds like it should be on phantom of the opera or something! Hmmm jurys out very viking opera like, but its muse, its brilliant!! I'll light the fuse. I'll never lose! Really muse? I'm late for work by 2 hours. This makes it worth it Muse? An anthem for all games workshop users world wide. I'm in rhapsody. Freddys back! There's 5 mins of my life I will never get back:-( Absolutely unreal! Epic, Epic, Epic.. Muse never disappoints! elo meets queen's innuendo. Flash - we only have 24 hours to save music. Very camp and slightly terrifying. bring on the rubber gas masks. Sounded average, but we all thought they were taking the piss when they brought out black holes... the more you listen the better it will get! Truuust me! Glorious, victorious victory! If that song was a human face I'd punch it Ultimate pump up song.... Yet it still sent shivers down through to my nads! Them geezers can play! Can we have a muse marathon??? Please!!

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