New Pearl Jam Album Likely To Come In 2013

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready has given an update on the progress of the band’s next album, which we first heard about at the end of last year. McCready says that it most likely won’t get released until 2013.

According to Loudwire, he spoke to US local radio station WFPK, explaining that “We’re probably not gonna have anything out this year. We’re trying to make this thing the best as possible that we can and we’re taking our time with it. Like a slow-cooked turkey [laughs]. I don’t know if that’s the right analogy.”

But they have put some work in to it so far, and McCready continues, “We’ve got about 15 ideas or so that were kicking around and that Ed’s working on. So yeah, that’s where we’re at — we’re doing a record right now and we’re in the middle of it. I would say some [of the songs] are experimental, but some are pretty straight forward rock ‘n’ roll, and some are some really beautiful ballads and such.”

Pearl Jam’s last album Backspacer was released in 2009. Since then, most of the members have been working on their own projects, including Eddie Vedder, who’s been touring his latest solo album Ukulele Songs.

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