NOFX’s Fat Mike Joins Against Me! For New Album

It might only be a temp gig, but NOFX’s Fat Mike has joined Against Me!, with the punk rock mastermind stepping back from his usual spot up front to spend two weeks tracking bass for AM!’s forthcoming album Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

The news came directly frontwoman Laura Jane Grace, who seemed super stoked on their latest addition. Mike put his hand up following the recent departure of Against Me! bassist Andrew Seward.

The update was actually a double-win, with not only confirmation of punk royalty gracing the lineup, but also confirmation that the album is indeed underway, with fans waiting for the official word to drop for some time. Progress of Transgender Dysphoria Blues was no doubt hindered by the departure of Seward, with the founding member stepping back from his duties in May, though he explained at the time that there was no drama or tension involved in his decision.

It’s been a tough little trot for Against Me!, who also saw their drummer leave prior to Big Day Out 2013. Grace has expressed her concern at the lineup changes, confirming the band will remain Against Me! for at least one more record.

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