Northlane Take Action Against Violent Security Guard Who Fucked With Their Fans

Northlane have taken a stand against an allegedly violent, power-tripping security guard who was reportedly roughing up punters at one of their recent UK gigs.

The Sydney outfit were forced to stop their set at Southampton venue The Talking Heads, after the secca in question was allegedly spotted violently assaulting several members of the crowd.

The band took to Facebook to voice their disgust, and apologise to their fans.

“Southampton, apologies about stopping our set,” guitarist Josh Smith wrote. “I left the stage and interjected when I saw the head of security for the venue throw a kid that was crowdsurfing up against the wall by the throat and rough him up.”

“During this incident he threatened to end the show for all of you guys. Further claims of other incidents of abuse came up at the end of the show from fans that were leaving, even one with a bleeding nose claiming he’d been punched in the face by a security guard.”

But apparently, it wasn’t just the fans who were being victimised by the venue’s “security”.

Smith continued: “The security also intimidated, threatened and insulted us, members of other bands on the tour, some of our crew and our friends after the show. They attempted to start a physical altercation with Gus from Volumes.

“We have also been told the guard that was involved in the initial abuse even has a Facebook page that’s been made for people to speak up against him, a repeat offender of violence against people he’s being paid protect in an environment where he can get away with it.”

Smith wrapped things up by claiming that Northlane are taking action against the main instigator of the violence, who was allegedly the head of security for the night. He declared: “We won’t stand for this shit and I won’t let it pass. Action is being taken as far as we can against the guard in question.”

A punter named James Tuckey, who was apparently the lad who got Liam Neeson-ed by the fist-happy guard, commented on the band’s Facebook post:

“I’m sorry for having you guys stop the set :/” he said. “I literally crowd surfed and came down to the bald member of security dragging me by the throat and the scruff of my tshirt and shoving me against the wall. I have visible marks around my neck….

He continued: “Also first hand witnessed same member of security attempt to start an altercation with multiple members of the tour package, even shoving [Volumes vocalist] Gus Farias and telling him “get back on your pretty little tour bus”… How is this guy employed?!

“Once again, sorry for any trouble I caused :/ was having an unbelievable night up until then.”

The band have since responded to his comment, saying: “Don’t apologize, we are with you.”

It’s not yet clear what “action” the band are planning to take against the seemingly notorious secca, but we’ll keep you updated with more information as it develops.

Meanwhile, Northlane will wrap up their UK tour with Volumes before heading back home for their biggest Australian tour yet, ahead of a super-exciting appearance at Soundwave 2016.

Check out their Facebook post about the whole security drama, below.

UPDATE 13/10/2015: Northlane have informed their fans that the security guard has been fired.

Southampton, apologies about stopping our set. I left the stage and interjected when I saw the head of security for the…

Posted by Northlane on Friday, October 9, 2015

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