The “Abusive” Security Guard That Halted Northlane’s Gig Has Been Fired

Sydney band Northlane apologised to fans over the weekend after the band stopped a UK show when a security guard reportedly became violent with a crowdsurfing fan and now they have updated fans to let them know the guard in question has been fired.

“Just an update for you, the abusive security guard from Southampton has been fired from his position as a result of actions against him,” the band wrote on their Twitter.

During their set in Southampton, the band witnessed the guard “throw a kid that was crowdsuring [sic] up against the wall by the throat and rough him up,” as they wrote on their Facebook.

At the time they assured that, “Action is being taken as far as we can against the guard in question.” When the punter who was assaulted, James Tucker, apologised to the band on social media for the gig coming to an end, they wrote, “Don’t apologize, we are with you.”

The band updated that post on Facebook with the most recent development writing, “So we’ve got good news. The mentioned security guard has been fired from his position.”

Tucker responded to the post saying, “Everyone there was looking out for each other, the pits were good natured and crowd surfers were being supported by all! The last thing we need is a security guard making us feel like we are acting anti socially… In this environment we are a family, we are one.”

“Unbelievable kudos to the gentlemen in Northlane for standing up for what was right.”

It’s great to see a band going into bat for the fans against behaviour like this from those in positions of power. Nice one Northlane.

The band will wrap up their UK tour with Volumes before heading back home for their biggest Australian tour yet, ahead of a super-exciting appearance at Soundwave 2016.

Southampton, apologies about stopping our set. I left the stage and interjected when I saw the head of security for the…

Posted by Northlane on Friday, October 9, 2015

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