NYPD Shuts Down Surprise Kanye Gig After Four Thousand Turnt Fans Cause Near-Riot

The streets of New York City’s East Village descended into straight-up chaos after Kanye West announced a surprise pop-up gig at the city’s Webster Hall.

Yeezy dropped the bombshell on fans via Twitter at around 1am on Monday morning following the cancellation of his headlining set at Governors Ball (due to cray weather conditions), and reported an hour later that the concert had sold out:

But that didn’t stop about four thousand loose units from flooding the streets, climbing scaffolding, bins and parked cars and trampling each other in an attempt to get closer to His Yeezyness.

As Consequence Of Sound reports, the NYPD were forced to shut down the event before it even started on account of the ensuing terror of mob rule, which hit critical levels of turntness when Ye himself rolled through, waving to the horde from the sunroof of his SUV.

According to a snapchat from his wife Kim Kardashian, West even tried to get his bro, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, on the blower to see if it was cool if they “shut down the block and then start putting some screens up so they can have a party outside”.

Apparently it wasn’t:

Anyhoo, just another day in the Life of Pablo, triggering mass anarchy and hysteria with your very presence.

But despite the near-riot and subsequent concert fail, I think we all learned something today:

Check out some of the cray footage of the whole thing below.


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