People Are Confusing Shannon Noll With A Female Comedian & He’s Had It

People on Twitter are confusing Australian musician and full-time meme Shannon Noll with a female comedian of the same name who has been copping flak from Donald Trump supporters this week. And, of course, our Nollsie has had it up to here with the whole thing.

Shannon Noll (the female one, who’s based in Chicago) has caused controversy with her new variety show ‘Barron Trump: Up Past Bedtime’, which pokes fun at US President Donald Trump’s youngest son. You know, this one?

barron trump gif

As the Chicago Reader points out, Noll has received death threats since her show debuted, and has been the subject of homophobic, transphobic, anti-Semitic, and racist comments.

As a result, here are some of the tweets that our Nollsie has received:

Nollsie has today hit back, replying to a string of messages he’d received, and doing so in true Nollsie fashion.

shannon noll wrong person screenshot 1

shannon noll wrong person screenshot 2

shannon noll wrong person screenshot 3

shannon noll wrong person screenshot 4

shannon noll wrong person screenshot 5

shannon noll wrong person screenshot 7

It’s ironic that Nollsie’s latest single is called ‘Who I Am’, because it’s clear that some people still don’t know who he is.

Don’t worry though, guys; Nollsie has things under control, and he’s been put onto all those fake accounts that keep popping up:

shannon noll wrong person screenshot 6

While this situation wasn’t caused by trolls, Nollsie is pretty used to people pretending to be him online. After he released his first public statement following his recent arrest at an Adelaide strip club, the former Australian Idol runner-up had a heap of punters impersonating and trolling him on Facebook.

Learn for yourself who Shannon Noll really is, below.

Watch: Shannon Noll – ‘Who I Am’

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