Pete Doherty Says “A New Libertines Record Is The Dream”

Pete Doherty, one half of the newly reformed Libertines, says that a new album by the UK indie heroes is “the dream.” Despite their influential status in the UK independent music scene, The Libertines only released two albums, breaking up shortly after the release of their self-titled 2004 LP.

“A new record is exactly what we’re talking about, that’s the dream, really,” Doherty told The Daily Record. “Finish off all those ideas that we never completed back in the day [that] we never played for anyone else, that have been floating around in the ether. We’re also wanting to try out a few new ideas so it wouldn’t just be old stuff. I don’t want to tempt fate but we both have the desire.”

“So I think it will happen. It’s important to be honest and there’s still a lot we have to say. We’re still relevant,” the troubled singer continued. Doherty also detailed time he recently spent with bandmate and fellow Libertines songwriter Carl Barat in Barcelona, which he described as “magical.”

“He came to see me about three weeks ago in Barcelona and we had a little chat. He’s never done that in all the time since we split up. We’ve met, obviously, but its always been with a third party or a chaperone, management or even bloody security,” Doherty explained. “So we went out, just the two of us, in Barcelona. We were talking about the band and making plans, getting our guitars out and going for a little wander around the city, sitting in the square at night, playing all the songs.”

The rocker recently admitted to the UK’s Daily Star that his much-publicised drug use has sapped him of his creativity and had a detrimental impact on his family life as well as his finances, saying, “It’s no longer fun. On the contrary, it’s just shit and kills all my creativity. But it’s difficult to stop.”

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