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Pete Doherty | Credit: Ferda Demir

Pete Doherty Says He’s a “Very Sick Man” in New Louis Theroux Interview

In a revealing new interview with Louis Theroux, Pete Doherty, the infamous Libertines frontman, has discussed the significant impact of his past drug and alcohol abuse on his health. Once a symbol of the noughties’ wild rock’n’roll lifestyle, Doherty, now 44, reflected on his journey from notorious public incidents and arrests to a more subdued life in the small town of Etretat, France. The interview featured in the BBC series Louis Theroux Interviews…

Doherty’s health struggles became apparent when he took a swig from a bottle of blackcurrant rum, leading to a coughing fit and chest pain. Theroux, concerned, asked about his health, prompting Doherty to grimly acknowledge his condition: “You are looking at a very sick man,” he said.

Pete Doherty ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’

Doherty recounted his history with heroin, crack, cocaine, smoking, and alcohol, and spoke about how his current dietary habits – including a fondness for cheese and sugary tea – are leading him towards diabetes and cholesterol problems.

Doherty expressed doubts about living long enough to see significant milestones in the life of his daughter, Billie-May. He also shared his perspective on drug use, warning of the chaos, health deterioration, financial ruin, and loss of family it brings.

Doherty revealed his current regimen includes blockers to mitigate heroin’s effects, as he navigates the shock of getting clean. He touched on unresolved issues like the unexplained death of Mark Blanco in 2006 and his complex relationship with Libertines bandmate Carl Barat.

The Libertines are set to release their first new album in nine years, All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade, in March next year.

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