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The Libertines Detail 20th Anniversary Reissue Of ‘Up The Bracket’

To celebrate 20 years since they changed the face of English indie-rock, The Libertines are set to release a special anniversary edition of their debut album, Up The Bracket.

First released in October of 2002, Up The Bracket was preceded by a pair of well-received singles, and followed on from a few years of intense press and notoriety for the group. Formed by Pete Doherty and Carl Barât in 1997, the pair’s musical prowess was often outshined in favour of their contentious relationship, with their offstage antics often garnering as much attention as their frenetic compositions.

Ultimately, Up The Bracket received almost unanimous critical acclaim and would help cement the group as leaders of not only the UK indie-rock scene, but prominent members of the global garage-rock revival of the early ’00s.

To celebrate its impending anniversary, The Libertines have now detailed an extensive reissue of the record. The deluxe edition of the album features remastered audio, and 65 previously unreleased recordings, including demos, radio sessions, and live recordings. Additionally, it comes paired with a 60-page book that features interviews with the band and a number of previously unseen photos.

While Up The Bracket would serve as The Libertines’ debut album, only a self-titled record from 2004 would arrive ahead of their 2006 split. The group would again reform in 2014, sharing a new album the following year, and embarking on a number of international tour dates, including their debut Australian headline shows in 2018.

The 20th anniversary edition of Up The Bracket is set for release on 20th October.

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