This Petition Wants To Stop Phil Collins’ Musical Comeback

In good news for anyone who contemplated tearing out their eyeballs after hearing that Phil Collins is out of retirement, a petition has been launched demanding the former Genesis drummer and vocalist “must be stopped”.

Hosted on, the petition offers up only one reason why the brakes should be applied to Collins’ musical comeback: “There is far too much suffering in the world as it is.”

At the time of writing, the petition has over 3,400 supporters, while another petition calling for Collins’ comeback to be praised has less than 500.

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The creator of the anti-Collins petition, user Brian Pee, says the counter petition will not stand in the way of Collins finally being prevented from making and performing music.

“Good is on our side, and we will overcome,” Pee says. “I have contacted this petition and offered to meet (with Phil) and discuss a settlement.

“The terms I have offered are that Phil may make his tour, book his stadiums, sell his tickets, but must not sing, no one may sing his songs, and his music must never be performed. As yet I have received no reply.”

Last week saw Collins announce that he intends to return to music after a four-year retirement, and is even hoping to perform in Aussie stadiums.

UPDATE 10/11/15: The petition has now been shut down following a huge backlash from the Phil Collins faithful, and the organiser claims the whole thing was “just a silly joke”. All the details here.

Watch: Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

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