Pokémon GO Player Finds Wild Pokémon At Issues’ Pokémon-Themed Warped Tour Set

The Pokémon GO mobile game has taken players to the furthest reaches of the world in the search for newly attainable Pokémon, and now one punter claims to have found a wild Nidoran hanging out at a Vans Warped Tour festival set by US metalcore outfit Issues.

Posting to Twitter earlier this week, 22-year-old Jose let his followers know that he spotted the female Nidoran during Issue’s Pokémon-themed festival set, and we assume he added her straight to his Pokédex. Catch Jose’s amazing tweets, below.

Like their previous Warped Tour sets, Issues used the show to cover the Pokémon theme song in all of its glory.

Fittingly, some Issues fans have now set themselves an important new challenge, because, well, you’ve gotta catch ’em all:

Meanwhile, a number of current and previous Warped Tour acts are also hoping to use their time to beef up their Pokédexs, just like Secrets member Richard Rogers…

…but All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth seems to be having some issues:

Pokémon GO launched in Australia for iOS and Android earlier this week, and has already seen players organise mass Pokémon GO walks in order to catch all the Pokémon they can.

See proof of Jose’s lucky find during Issues’ Warped Tour set, below.

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