Pond Cover Madonna For Like A Version, Give Us A ‘Ray Of Light’ For Our Friday

Psychedelic rockers, Pond have taken a pop classic into the triple j studios, covering Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ in all of its glory, but making it their own.

The beloved track gets a lot weirder with extra beats and more of that Pondy-synth and crisp percussion — amazing.

Pond also performed their single ‘Daisy’ off of Tasmania, released just a couple of weeks ago.

Chatting to Music Feeds just last month, frontman Nick Allbrook talked all about how psychedelic experiences in music can be such an individual experience and how it’s all relative.

“It’s not about what something gets labelled as, although it often is. It’s totally subjective. You can have a completely transcendental moment to Joni Mitchell,” said Allbrook.

“Madonna had some truly far out tunes that I think really go into the stratosphere.”

Watching Nick’s emphatic performance of the Madonna classic, it couldn’t be much clearer that he absolutely froths it.

Watch both performances below.

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