Pond Release New Single ‘Xanman’ From Upcoming Album ‘Hobo Rocket’

With the release date of their fifth full-length record Hobo Rocket edging closer and closer, Pond have delivered even more reason to get keen with the release of latest single Xanman. The latest sample off the album follows hot on the heels of the maiden single Giant Tortoise and is another demonstration of the high level of quality we can expect from the release.

The track comes hand in hand with a video feature which seemed to depict what it would be like seeing this band perform on acid – a blurry, good time drenched in a tripped-out colour scheme. In fact, many people may have already experienced this, given that Xanman has been a reoccurring feature of the live show for some time now, but this will be the first opportunity to listen to a studio recording of it.

Hobo Rocket drops Friday, 2nd August and sees the band once again harness their loose, raw live emotion squeezed into a 40 minute experience. Pond had well and truly mastered their craft by 2012’s Beard, Wives, Denim so Hobo Rocket will see the finest version of the Perth psych-rockers we’ve ever seen.

Watch: Pond – Xanman

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