QOTSA Debut Two New Tracks ‘I Sat By The Ocean’ & ‘If I Had A Tail’ Live

While the latest sample from Queens Of The Stone Age’s forthcoming album …Like Clockwork might be live renditions performed for Belgian radio station Studio Brussel, the fact that the band are so damn tight means that these are sure to be as close to the album versions of I Sat By The Ocean and If I Had A Tail as possible.

Judging by the new tracks, and what else we’ve heard so far, the album could go in any direction. Both of these new songs represent a more upbeat side of things with If I Had A Tail being oh-so-slightly more mellowed out than I Sat By The Ocean, though both have more of a traditional verse-chorus-verse structure than something like I Appear Missing.

We’ve now heard 3 new tracks from …Like Clockwork (3.5 if you include the I Appear Missing video edit, 3.6 if you include this unnammed snippet) with the band already releasing first single My God Is The Sun.

We won’t be waiting too much longer to sink out fangs in to the super anticipated new album, which arrives Down Under Friday, 31st May. The release is said to be backed up by a run of international dates which will include Australia in 2014.

Check out the tracks below.

Listen: Queens Of The Stone Age – I Sat By The Ocean

Listen: Queens Of The Stone Age – If I Had A Tail

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