Rage Against The Machine Fuel Flames of New Album Rumours

Rage Against The Machine bassist Tim Commerford has once again given hope to fans that a new record from the alternative rap metal band is not only a possibility but may actually be currently underway at this very moment.

As reported by Antiquiet, Commerford was approached by TMZ in an unidentified LA parking lot and once again questioned about the new RATM record. When asked by TMZ if ‘maybe you guys are working on it?’, Commerford replied quite decisively, “Definitely”, before adding, “Maybe … anything’s possible”, maintaining an air of doubt around the rumoured album.

It was only last month that Commerford told TMZ that “maybe” a new RATM LP was being worked on. This time Commerford was a little more assertive, but if and when any official news will be made public is still a mystery. It’s been over 13 years since RATM last released an album of original material, with The Battle of Los Angeles coming out in 1999.

TMZ also asked what Commerford thought of fellow RATM member Tom Morello speaking out against Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan, who claimed to be a fan of RATM. Commerford said in reference to Ryan that, “clearly he’s not that smart to be admitting that”, before joking that it “must be the bass” that has Ryan so enthralled with the politically conscious outfit.

Watch: Tim Commerford hint at new Rage Against the Machine Album

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