Fatman Scoop Defends Scott Morrison Over Video Controversy, Invites Him To Hang Backstage

In 2018’s latest instalment of what-the-fuckery, Fatman Scoop has come to the defence of Scott Morrison, after the Aussie PM sparked controversy by posting a video soundtracked by Scoop’s song ‘Be Faithful’ on Twitter.

ICYMI: after discovering that the song features lyrics like “Who fuckin’ tonight?”, ScoMo deleted the tweet and apologised to the nation.

Now, in an unexpected twist, Scoop has taken to taken to Instagram to declare himself “humbled to have my voice rocking in the highest offices of the Australian Government!” and invite ScoMo to come party with him when he comes down under for RNB Fridays Live this November.

“I just don’t know why they took it down! my man @bboyjimo said because there was CURSING in the song and he has to be Politically Correct!” Scoop vents on Insta.

“People! Its a fun PARTY SONG that has no NEGATIVITY or HARM in it!! This used to be the same way(politically correct) that presidents were in the USA but as u can see the bar for a US President being politically correct is VERY LOW! I also thought it was an attempt to reach out to a younger audience. As well as the fact that when my song was really ROCKING Scott was probably in the CLUBS! Hahahahaha!”

He rounded out the post by inviting the PM to “to watch, dance, and after in the backstage area discuss politics with me” at RNB Fridays Live.

And ScoMo has since responded, saying he’s defs keen hundy p.

“Definitely keen for R&B Fridays, @fatmanscoop,” he tweeted, adding: “BTW, probably best to send me the PG radio version next time.”

This has been a wild ride.

Check out their posts below or catch all the details on the all-star 2018 RNB Fridays Live tour right here.

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