Scott Morrison Apologises For Posting Fatman Scoop Song On Twitter

Australia’s latest (and still current, for now) Prime Minister Scott Morrison has apologised after a video containing the iconic Fatman Scoop song ‘Be Faithful’ was posted to his Twitter account overnight.

The tweet, posted on Thursday night by Morrison’s account, used the 1999 banger to soundtrack a video of the Liberal Party raising their hands in parliament, as Fatman Scoop sang lines like, “You got a hundred dollar bill, get your hands up!”

Given that ‘Be Faithful’ also features lyrics like “Who fuckin’ tonight?” (which wasn’t used in Morrison’s video, FYI), the PM eventually deleted the tweet, but the video has since been reposted by other Twitter users.

Since deleting the bizarre post, Morrison told his followers, “The full lyrics of the song used in my earlier video from QT today were just not OK. When I found out, I asked the team to take it down. Apologies.”

While Fatman Scoop is yet to comment on Fatman ScoMo’s slip-up, the hip hop legend is returning to Australia this November for the 2018 edition of RNB Fridays Live, so maybe he’ll send Morrison a few complimentary tickets.

Until then, relive the glory that is the ‘Be Faithful’ music video, below.

UPDATE: Fatman Scoop himself has now weighed in on the controversy, defending ScoMo and inviting him to hang with him backstage at RNB Fridays.

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