Shannon Noll Is Copping It For That ‘Shoey’ Video, And His Promoter Isn’t Happy

Shannon Noll is copping it from meme-loving fans after a video of him helping a woman drink a shoey went viral earlier this week.

The clip, which you can watch below, sees a shirtless Nollsie help a woman drink a “shoey for Shanno”, as onlookers laugh and film the encounter.

Since the video was posted, some punters have suggested (either seriously or jokingly) that Nollsie himself was drunk, and have also insinuated that the shoey is a typical part of the singer’s (often exaggerated) Aussie personality.

Without further ado, here’s the video in all its glory…

The promoter of Noll’s current national tour, Rick Szabo, has since told News Corp Australia that the footage, recorded after the former Australian Idol runner-up’s recent show on the Gold Coast, wasn’t anything bad.

“He hadn’t even had a beer,” Szabo says. “It’s an absolute joke. These assumptions people put online, with absolutely no evidence, are terrible.

“Straight after the show Shannon hopped in the van and went back to the hotel, that’s what he’s doing after shows now.

“Shannon had his shirt off because he was soaking wet from the performance. He was towelling off and going to get a clean shirt and there were a group of fans backstage — he loves meeting his fans, he always makes time for them.

“One girl had a specific request to get a picture of him pouring the beer in the boot for her local female touch football team. Shannon gratefully obliged.

“The video online is not the video from the girl who asked for the shoey, she hasn’t posted it at all. It was taken by some other fans who were there. They seem to be getting a bit of mileage from it, it is what it is, but everyone wants to put the boot into this kid at the moment.”

Last month, Noll said that he’d be pulling back on his post-show bevvies after he was arrested following an altercation at an Adelaide strip club in January.

Since then, he’s released a true blue new single called ‘Southern Sky’, ahead of a new album that’s set for release later this year.

Noll’s 2017 national tour will continue until November.

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