Shannon Noll Says He’ll Go Easy On The Frothies Following His Strip Club Arrest

Shannon Noll has revealed that he’ll no longer be celebrating after shows with a few cheeky ones at the local pub, after he was arrested following an altercation at an Adelaide strip club in January.

Nollsie was charged with assaulting a bouncer during the incident, but now that the charge has been dropped, he’s recounted his experience of the night and explained why he’ll be going easier on the frothies.

Speaking with News Corp Australia, Noll says his arrest was a “much-needed wake-up call”.

The former Australian Idol runner-up says he’ll still keep having a beer or two before he hits the stage, but any afterparties will now be in his hotel room with his bandmates.

“After a gig, you might feel like going out and having a beer but the rule of thumb now will be if I’m going to have a couple of beers, I’ll have them in the hotel room,” he says.

“It’s a bit of a lonely existence in that way but it’s being professional and that’s the approach I will take. No more celebrating a good gig.”

Recounting the night he was arrested outside Adelaide’s Crazy Horse Revue, Nollsie says he wasn’t actually “kicked out” of the venue as some reports have suggested.

Noll says he and his band were walking down Hindley Street on the afternoon of 15th January, when he was mobbed by drunk fans and hecklers. Instead of going to a pub where he might attract more attention, Nollsie says he and his crew decided to lay low in the Crazy Horse.

But it was when Noll tried to leave the venue that things kicked off. Noll says he had put money on a card to spend at the club, and got into a dispute with the venue manager when he asked for the unused money to be refunded.

“The manager wanted to talk to me out the front, no worries. We were talking. I got exasperated because I was dirty as we had spent enough money at that point,” he says.

“I put some on the card and asked for it back and probably had no right to do that.

“I didn’t assault anyone, I didn’t punch anyone, I didn’t push anyone. I did get up in their grill. I can’t say the same thing for what happened to me though.

“The police took me straight to hospital. An allegation was made that I assaulted someone so they come and arrest me and that’s it.”

Noll is preparing to release his new single ‘Southern Sky’ this Friday, as he kicks off a huge national tour.

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