Slayer Gives Fans Advice To “Really Piss Off” Westboro Baptist Church – “Totally Ignore Them”

In light of the Westboro Baptist Church’s commitment to picketing the memorial service of deceased Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, the band have released a statement to fans wishing to attend, insisting that the best way to “piss off” the WBC is to take the high road and “totally ignore them”.

Those present at Soundwave 2011 when Slayer cancelled their Sydney performance will know that hell hath no fury like a Slayer fan scorned, but the band want no such outcry at the memorial, urging fans to “do exactly what Slayer members and family are going to do” and not even acknowledge the presence of the picketers.

Insulting signs, tactless chanting and Ozzy Osbourne parodies there may be, but in LA on Thursday, 23rd May, the hate group “don’t exist”. The band encourages fans to remain civil “and then come inside and celebrate Jeff’s life with us”.

The church have been particularly cruel with their treatment of the guitarist’s death. First they vowed to make their presence felt at the funeral, then turning their attention to the public memorial service, where they are guaranteed to spew their bile to the widest audience possible.

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