Slipknot’s Clown Confirms New Record Coming In 2014

Slipknot’s Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan has confirmed that the band’s next record will be coming in 2014. Backstage at Download Festival, Clown broke the welcome news in a video interview with Metal Hammer.

In previous interviews, Crahan has come close to confirming the new album, but instead used rhetoric such as “we’re coming back in full force”, which at the end of the day could mean just about anything. Now, though, we have word straight from the horse’s mouth that the follow up to 2008’s riot All Hope Is Gone will be dropping next year.

“Two-Oh-One-Four – new record. Kiss my ass.” Crahan said. “You wanted, you got it. I wanted it more so fuck off. 2014, new Slipknot record… Just get fuckin’ ready because this next one’s gonna be pretty dangerous, I feel. They’re all dangerous but we’re getting older so fuck you.”

The passing of bassist Paul Gray back in 2010 has seriously hindered the band’s recording process. It was only earlier this month that Crahan said in a separate interview that “none of us want to record an album right now”, adding that “I’m not ready to commit to music and not see him there, knowing that he was the biggest part of the music writing.” Seems like this recent run of live dates has got them back in the studio saddle.

Check out the interview below.

Watch: Slipknot Clown Interview 2013 (Download Festival 2013)

(Via Metal Hammer)

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