Some Dude Carried 31 Pizza Boxes Around Pitch Festival For A LOL

A bloke who attempted to carry 31 pizza boxes around Victoria’s inaugural Pitch Festival last weekend has captured a slice of the internet’s attention for his commitment to the art of pizza delivery, and has even been offered a free ticket to next year’s event.

The clearly overworked pizza delivery man (aka Facebook user Hamish Bradbury) says he was assigned by his employer Pizza Hut to deliver “22 pepperonis and 9 margaritas” to someone at Pitch Festival called Steve, but couldn’t find him, and ended up “exhausted and baffled” after asking multiple festivalgoers, “Have you seen a Steve?”

Hamish hit up festival organisers on Facebook following the event to recount his struggle and explain why he’s now left the pizza industry:

pitch pizza screenshot 1

Pitch Festival ended up responding, and gave Hamish a pizza their mind by putting the blame back on our brave delivery hero:

pitch pizza screenshot 2

In response, Hamish revealed that he did have a few spills while running around the festival grounds…

pitch pizza screenshot 3

…and he shared some amazing video footage to prove it:

While there’s no Pizza Hut store in Ararat (yes, we checked), and while there probably weren’t 31 pizzas in those 31 pizza boxes, you’ve got to hand it to Hamish for giving it a dough go.

Having lost his job after all his cheesy antics, Pitch Festival offered Hamish a free ticket to next year’s event for his A+ internet content. And let’s face it — he’ll knead to save some dough now that he’s out of work…

pitch pizza screenshot 4

That said, Hamish has unfortunately turned down the offer:

pitch pizza screenshot 5

Whether or not Hamish returns to deliver pizzas at next year’s Pitch Festival, he’s already a winner in our hearts.

Here’s to you, Hamish. It was a prank that’ll be hard to top.

wayne's world pizza hut gif

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