Some Genius Has Turned Jamiroquai’s ‘Virtual Insanity’ Into A Video Game

In 1996, a British funk acid jazz band called Jamiroquai unleashed the second single off their third studio album. It was called Virtual Insanity and it came with a bizarre video clip in which lead vocalist Jay Kay wore an impressive top hat and inexplicably survived getting repeatedly crushed by household furniture. Almost two decades later, someone has turned it into a video game.

Dubbed simply Jamiroquai Game, it involves manoeuvring a polygonal version of Kay around a room and dodging endless couches as they burst forth from the walls, on a beeline to crush you to death and turn your wonderful top hat into a worthless frisbee.

As The A.V. Club reports, Buncho Games’ newest release sees players awarded a high score for lasting the longest amount of time. So when Kay or, for legal purposes, “Man In Funky Hat” gets hit, the game ends and players are given a score based on how long they lasted.

The groovy little game can be downloaded here. Sorry Mac users, Windows only.

Watch: Jamiroquai Game

Watch: Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity

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