Soundwave and Harvest Sideshows Announced Tomorrow

Maddah has very recently announced that with the weekend joy that Friday brings, we will also receive one Sidewave and one Harvest sideshow.

Update: Linkin Park, Stone Sour Sidewaves Announced

So, thanks to the magic of Twitter, we know that the sideshow set for Soundwave’s sister festival Harvest is for a band starting with ‘B’, which rules out all but Ben Folds Five, Beck, Beirut and I’d say The Black Angels. I mean, I’m perfectly happy with either, but these guys sure are masters of suspense.

As for the Sidewave, well, just look at the poster and let your imagination run wild, just cancel out every band starting with ‘B’ as Maddah also revealed that so no updates on Blink sidewave just yet. But still, it’s an impressive list of potential gigs.

So watch this space for the news as soon as it comes through!

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