Soundwave Ticketing Company Claim AJ Maddah Has Customers’ Money

UPDATE 21/12/15 5.40PM: Eventopia have advised ticket holders that they will be processing Soundwave 2016 refunds. 

The ongoing stoush over where the responsibility for Soudnwave refunds lies is getting even more heated, with Eventopia’s General Manager claiming that the now defunct festival‘s promoter AJ Maddah is in possession of the money owed to fans.

The ticketing company have demanded that Maddah return an advance given to him from ticket proceeds, before any refunds can be processed. “The customers’ money, the people that have bought tickets to Soundwave, is with AJ Maddah,” Martin Cunrow told triple j.

“AJ is not saying that we have the money, and AJ is very aware of the payment processes, and the payments that have been made.

“Eventopia is now under the process, through a letter of demand we have sent to AJ, requesting an immediate return of those ticket proceeds. And when Eventopia receives that money from the promoter, we will process all customer refunds.”

This follows a statement made by the company yesterday stating that “the Festival Promoter is responsible for all ticketing funds that were advanced, and is directly liable to all ticket purchasers for issuing customer refunds.”

Maddah on the other hand is sticking to his line, directing punters to Eventopia for their refunds and going as far as threatening legal action against the former festival’s ticketing agent.

“SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION trying to get out of refunding fans and heaping it on broke promoter via dirt tactics,” he told twitter followers.

“We’ll kick of a class action on behalf of fans asap,” he added.

He’s also advised ticketholders to contact their credit card providers “and they will charge-back it if eventopia refuse to refund.”

All the while punters remain frustrated as it appears they won’t be seeing their money back any time soon.

Yesterday, Soundwave 2016 was officially cancelled tonight due to “poor ticket sales” – amongst other things – following a tumultuous week that saw international act L7 pull out of the festival, and other bands including Bring Me The Horizon and NOFX casting doubt on their previously-confirmed appearances at SW16.

UPDATE: AJ Maddah has responded, claiming the ticketing company were “fully aware” the money they advanced him had been used to par artist deposits. 

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