Splendour Dunnies Get A Green Makeover

The last few weeks have seen an inordinate amount of festival toilet-related news, from Action Bronson’s Porta Loo rap to the Golden Porta Potty and even a fool-proof mathematical formula to determine the cleanest loo. Now those worried about the environmental impact of festival amenities needn’t fret any longer, Splendour‘s state-of-the-art composting toilets have got you covered.

North Byron Parklands today unveiled the largest number of waterless composting toilets at any outdoor event in Australia. Punters at the upcoming Splendour in the Grass festival will be the first to experience these state of the art, waterless and low-odour composting toilets.

Having run a trial system with 6 test dunnies last year, the Parklands granted approval for installing hundreds more and worked with Quicksmart Homes who designed and commissioned the 240 bespoke composting toilets plus 192 low-flow gas-fired shower stalls.

Splendour attendees can pat themselves on the back(sides) for contributing to the Parklands’

environmentally sustainable philosophy. The initiative will provide a number of key environmental benefits, including a significant reduction in waste-water truck movements and a dramatic reduction in waste being sent to the local sewerage treatment plant.

Odourless or not, we still recommend you give Dr Ria Symonds‘ formula a go.

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