Splendour Punter Invents The ‘Gumboot Bong’ During Violent Soho’s Set

Wi-Fi, spray-on skin, the bionic ear, and the digital sampler are just some of the incredible inventions that the world wouldn’t have if it weren’t for industrious and hard-working Australians. Our latest pioneer? This guy who invented the world’s first gumboot bong at Violent Soho‘s Splendour set.

While we certainly don’t endorse the man’s actions — nor is it certain he was doing anything unsavoury — props must be given to his industrious spirit. The band are certainly fans, sharing the snap on Instagram and writing, “[Mitch Lowe] legit capturing a moment during our set at [Splendour In The Grass 2014] where this bloke used a gumboot to pull a cone. What a fucking master!”

Considering NSW Police went ahead with their sniffer dog patrol during this year’s festival, despite a plea from Art Vs Science‘s Dan McNamee to eschew the dogs this year, we’re not quite sure how this entrepreneur was able to get the necessary materials into the festival grounds, nor how this punter managed to sneak in a forbidden flare and set it off during Outkast‘s Hey Ya!

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Gallery: Violent Soho – Splendour In The Grass 2014, Byron Bay 26/07/2014

Photos by Ashley Mar

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