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‘All Star’ Pitched Accurately To The Seinfeld Theme May Have Taken Us To Peak Meme

There has probably been many a time when you have come across a meme so weird that you’ve thrown your hands in despair and claimed never to return to the memeverse that the internet has slowly become.

This latest video may finally dissuade you from ever returning to the interwebs (or encourage you to keep digging deeper).

Uploaded by Benny Davis from the Axis Of Awesome, the best way to describe it is Smash Mouth’s All Star, but re-pitched so that it follows the melody of the Seinfeld theme.

You may think you’ve heard this one before – well yeah, someone has pitted the regular lyrics of All Star against the Seinfeld Theme – but this is a whole new beast.

If that’s not enough to break your mind, the entire thing is accompanied by picture after picture of celebrity meme chef Guy Fieri.

And yet, its very existence might not be the most bizarre part, that comes via the fact that in some unexplainable way, on some cosmic level of weirdness – it kind of just works.

Enough now, because nothing can really prepare you for what you’re about to hear.

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