So, It Turns Out Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ Matches Up Perfectly With The Seinfeld Theme Song

It’s already been discovered this year that Kanye West’s I Love Kanye lays perfectly over the Seinfeld theme song and now some genius has discovered Smash Mouth‘s All Star does too.

It’s only taken 17 years but somebody on Twitter has put the two songs over each other, and the result? Well, it sounds like they were meant to be. In fact, it sounds a whole lot better than their EDM-tinged track released earlier this year.


All Star was originally done for the Shrek soundtrack but this latest mash-up proves that maybe it should’ve been used for Seinfeld instead.

The Seinfeld theme song has had somewhat of a resurgence this year owed largely to the Twitter account Seinfeld 2000. It’s been put under Kanye songs, recreated by Diplo and Skrillex and even mashed-up with Kendrick Lamar’s King Kunta.

This has got to be one of the most perfect matches yet though, bringing two legendary pieces of music from the ’90s together.

There’s every chance that you did not need to hear Smash Mouth’s All Star today and if that’s you then we’re sorry. But, there’s an even larger chance that you’ll be amused and amazed by this, and if that’s the case then we’re not sorry.

seinfeld 2

Check it out below.

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