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Giddy Up, We’re Finally Getting A Seinfeld Soundtrack

Do an Elaine Benes dance because we’re finally getting a Seinfeld soundtrack. Seinfeld Music Guy, otherwise known as composer, Jonathan Wolff has selected 33 of his favourite tracks from the NBC sitcom.

33 of Jonathan Wolff’s compositions will appear on the album, which will be released some time today. It’s a massive shortlisting effort from Wolff, given that the sitcom ran for a whopping 180 episodes.

Chatting to Variety about the soundtrack, Wolff explained how he managed to squeeze 180 episodes into a 33-track album.

“Was it the primary audio of a famous ‘Seinfeld’ scene? Did it contribute in a significant way to the comedy of the scene? And upon hearing it, will it serve as an instantly identifiable signature and bring warm fuzzies to a ‘Seinfeld’ fan who will remember that scene?”

The tracklisting is filled to the brim with nostalgia. ‘Kramer’s Boombox’, ‘Jerry vs Newman Chase’, and of course, ‘Waiting for the Verdict’ — taken from the series finale.

It closes with the very best though… ‘George’s Answering Machine’.

Seinfeld Soundtrack Tracklisting

Out Friday, 2nd July

1. Seinfeld Theme

2. Seinfeld Theme (Highlights of 100)

3. Seinfeld Theme (“The Chronicle”)

4. The Jerry Show Theme (“The Pilot Part 2”)

5. Kramer’s Pimpwalk (“The Wig Master”)

6. Jerry the Mailman (“The Andria Doria”)

7. Himalayan Walking Shoes (“The Hot Tub”)

8. John Jermaine Jazz #1 (“The Rye”) – featuring Bob Sheppard

9. John Jermaine Jazz #2 (“The Rye”) – featuring Bob Sheppard

10. John Jermaine Jazz #3 (“The Rye”) – featuring Bob Sheppard

11. Kramer’s Boombox (“The Package”)

12. Jerry vs Newman Chase (“The Soul Mate”)

13. Cable Guy vs Kramer Chase (“The Cadillac Part 2”)

14. Noxin (“The Cadillac Part 2”)

15. Jesus is One (“The Burning”) – featuring Jack Diamond

16. Kramer’s Crappy Banjo (“The Muffin Tops”)

17. Peterman in Burmese Jungle (“The Chicken Roaster”)

18. TV Cartoon / Wheels on the Bus (“The Contest”)

19. Finale Suitcase Montage (“The Finale”)

20. Waiting For the Verdict Blues (“The Finale”)

21. This Night Show (“The Trip Part 1”)

22. Rock Music Video (“The Trip Part 1”)

23. The Lopper (“The Frogger”)

24. 1937 Wedding Cake Waltz (“The Frogger”)

25. Kramer Bachelor Auction (“The Barber”)

26. Rochelle, Rochelle the Musical (“The Understudy”)

27. Pier Contemplation (“The Invitation”)

28. Loud Dixieland Band (“The Mom & Pop Store”)

29. Scarsdale Surprise (“The Summer of George”)

30. Checkmate/Chunnel/Death Blow (“The Movie,” “The Pool Guy,” “The Little Kicks”)

31. Blimp (“The Puerto Rican Day”)

32. The Pain & The Yearning (“The Comeback”)

33. George’s Answering Machine/Greatest American Hero (“The Susie”)

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