Stay Calm, But There’s A Chance Rage Against The Machine Might Be About To Announce A Comeback

Don’t freak out. You’re going to freak out. But try not to freak out, because a mystery website has appeared on the internet triggering rumours that legendary US rap-rock band Rage Against The Machine are about to make a comeback.


The website – – has launched a countdown, along with the hashtag #TakeThePowerBack.

Very literally CALM LIKE A BOMB, the countdown is scheduled tick down to zero at the end of the month and potentially blow our collective minds with RATM reunion news.

The internet is naturally losing its unholy shit at the thought that Rage could make a possible tour or music release announcement.

And, as The Music reports, fuelling the fire is the fact that – if you subscribe to the new website – you’ll instantly be shot back an email that reads, “Clear the way for the Prophets of Rage. The party’s over summer 2016”.

Now, take a minute to breathe and let’s be rational about this.

As Amplify points out, Prophets Of Rage also happens to be the name of an RATM tribute band. But it’s also the title of a Public Enemy song. So this could lead us to believe that:

a) we’ve all been suckered in by a tribute band’s marketing stunt and are about to have our hearts royally shat upon.

b) RATM are coming back and touring with Public Enemy (!!!)

c) It’s actually all to do with Public Enemy and nothing to do with Rage

c) It’s something else entirely

We will say this though: Not only did bassist Tim Commerford recently say that RATM might reunite, but posters of the Prophets Of Rage website’s defiant logo have been spotted all over the band’s hometown of LA:

AND RATM-sanctioned fan-based Twitter account @RATM has also gotten in on the action:

And when you think about it, the time has never been more ripe for Rage to make a resurgence.

We’re currently living in a world that is more under threat than it has ever been before from the greedy interests of the rich and powerful. The people who try to convince us that climate change is a scam, who slash funding to education, health, aid, and the arts while pushing through policies that benefit their big corporate donors and grant tax cuts to the rich. *cough* 2016 federal budget *cough*.

And that’s just here in Australia.

Our bros over in the US are staring down the barrel of the terrifying possibility that Donald Trump – a born-wealthy celebrity sociopath who wears his sexism, racism and homophobia like a badge of honour while confusing the darkest day in America’s history with the name of a popular convenience store – could legitimately be elected President.

Apparently Rage even predicted this would happen, according to guitarist Tom Morello:

And yet, simultaneously, the music on our radios is the most chilled that it’s ever been before. Feelgood pop tunes, dancefloor bangers and delicate indie jams, right? No anger or frustration anywhere. No rebellion, no fire, no “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me.”


Rage Against The Machine are like the dragons from Game Of Thrones. They’ve been extinct for so long that they’ve almost become a myth, but just before the world is about to be destroyed by undead ice zombies, they reappear to *hopefully* save us all and usher in a brighter and more utopian future.

And raise some fucking hell doing it.


Winter is coming, people. But hopefully, so are Rage Against The Machine.

And possibly Public Enemy. What do you reckon? Could this be another hint?

UPDATE 19/05/2016: A source has revealed that Rage Against The Machine will reunite without Zach de la Rocha. Instead they will be joined by Chuck D and B-Real from Public Enemy and Cypress Hill respectively.

UPDATE 19/05/16 2pM: OK so here’s what’s actually going on with Rage Against The Machine.

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