Stone Sour Have Announced Their New Album & Corey Taylor Is Hyping The Living Shit Out Of It

Corey Taylor‘s ~other~ band Stone Sour have just dropped the news that we’ve all been waiting for: the announcement of their brand spankin’ new album.

As Blabbermouth reports, the alt-metal lords’ sixth LP will be epically dubbed Hydrograd and drop into our laps this June via Roadrunner Records. And CT is already hyping the living shit out of it, calling the disc “so badass, it’s not even funny” and describing it as “probably the coolest album I’ve made since the first Slipknot album”.

Stone Sour teased the news today in a video posted to their official Facebook page, which shows the Soundwave alumni “kidnapping” a Californian super-fan from his bakery workplace and taking him to their studio for a surprise-preview sesh of some cuts from the new disc.

“Oh no no no no, the preview was for him,” serial shit-stirrer CT tells us in the clip. “You? You have to wait. But you won’t have to wait long. It’s coming.”

Hydrograd was tracked at North Hollywood’s Sphere Studios with Anthrax/Steel Panther producer Jay Ruston.

After previously proclaiming that the disc was packing “some of the best shit we’ve ever written” (a big call considering how solid their other Ruston-produced LPs House Of Gold & Bones I & II were), the gingernut frontman tells BBC’s Radio 1 Rock Show that Stone Sour “destroyed it” during the recording sessions, explaining: “Everyone is saying the same thing — not only are the songs good but the energy is incredible, because it has that live vibe. This is not beat detected, Auto-Tuned, pitch-corrected — nothing. It is so badass, it’s not even funny.”

As Blabbermouth reports, he also told the radio show that the album traverses a whole bunch of musical terrain, from punk and rock to jazz and hip-hop.

“[It’s] great because it’s got elements of everything. It’s got the heavy energy of the ’80s, there’s punk moments, there’s hard rock moments, all the great amalgam of music. There’s even jazz and hip-hop moments. It’s really, really cool. It’s probably the coolest album I’ve made since the first Slipknot album, let’s put it that way. It’s dope, dude. And, hey, I feel very confident making that statement, because it’s so good.”

Finally, he added that fans can also expect a new track to “leak” soon.

“It’s gonna be a heavier anthem tune, but not in a way that is usual,” Taylor explains. “I mean, that’s kind of the cool thing about this whole album — the heavy stuff is heavy, but not in a typically mediocre, normal heavy way. It just has such a different vibe to it that it’s really infectious; people are really catching on to it.

“So the first tune, it could have very easily been a single. But we have six singles on this album as well. And you know what? We’re just gonna come out and bust people and see what happens. I’m really, really excited.”

It’s probably not the greatest news for Slipknot fans, who are no doubt eagerly awaiting the “amazing new songs” that The Nine have reportedly already written for their next LP.

But hey, at least we’ll hopefully get a Stone Sour tour some time real soon.

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