The Lonely Island’s ‘When Will The Bass Drop?’ Is Exactly What EDM Is Like

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another: when will the bass drop? And while The Lonely Island‘s new digital short, which features a much needed cameo from Lil Jon, may not offer the most satisfying answer to this existential conundrum, it’s pretty entertaining nonetheless.

The welcome return of The Lonely Island’s digital shorts to Saturday Night Live lampooned the state of modern dance music, with LI leader Andy Samberg playing beloved DJ Davvincii, who serves as an on-the-nose parody of Avicii as well as a surrogate for every overpaid, modern-day EDM hero.

After teasing the crowd with the all-important question during a lengthy breakdown — during which he fries himself an egg, plays a round of Snood and Jenga, and collects his preferred method of payment — Davvincii finally blows some minds (literally) following a theatrical fake heart attack.

Watch: SNL Digital Short: The Lonely Island – When Will The Bass Drop?

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