The Lonely Island Release Borderline Shark-Jumper ‘Diaper Money’

Remember 2008, when The Lonely Island were still singing about being on boats and being like a boss and that shit was hysterical? Yeah, those days are pretty much dead in the water, as Andy Samberg‘s comedy trio releases Diaper Money, a painfully unfunny rap about middle age.

Diaper Money, the third track to be released from their upcoming The Wack Album, is all about hustlin’ to make the Benjamins to pay for diapers, tapping that wife pussy and buying a grave plot. The only saving grace is that it’s not I Fucked My Aunt, the previous single from the album, which is actually more cringe-worthy than this one.

The Wack Album is out 11th June and the admittedly impressive list of contributors include Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, Billie Joe Armstrong and Solange. Surely J. Tizbanger won’t do wrong by us, right?

For now, we’re considering the shark well and truly jumped, but you can decide for yourself whether they’re midflight or still advancing towards that waterski ramp by watching the video below.

WATCH: The Lonely Island – Diaper Money

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