The Raconteurs Are “Off The Table” Says Brendan Benson

Despite last year’s comments from Jack White, it appears the future of The Raconteurs is less bright than fans were lead to believe. Despite White claiming that the group had been recording material together, bandmate Brendan Benson has told Billboard that a comeback is “off the table.”

“All The Raconteurs and all The Dead Weather live in Nashville now, so we often go on trips together, because we’re all just good pals,” White told Rolling Stone in March 2013. “We’ve recorded some things, too. And Brendan and the Raconteurs just built a new studio right in town.”

But White’s bandmate and fellow Raconteurs co-founder Benson is singing a different tune. “That’s kind of off the table,” said the Michigan rock stalwart. “It always felt spontaneous. I liked that about it, too. And I think it remains that way. We never planned anything. We never planned a breakup.”

“All of us but one live in the same town, so [in the future] it could very well happen… or not,” he added. Benson has been busying himself with his new label, Readymade Records, which he explained has forced him to step back from his solo career and reassess his priorities.

“Since I started the label, I have been going through this transition, and it’s almost like an identity crisis – like leaving my solo career a bit. I’m still going to make records.” The Raconteurs’ last album was 2008’s Consolers of the Lonely, the follow-up to their 2006 debut, Broken Boy Soldiers.

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