The Stiffys Just Made Redfoo’s ‘Literally I Can’t’ Infinitely Better

As the most of the world came to a collective consensus over the last few days that the worst song of the year title can be handed to Redfoo and his band of merry men for their undeniably sexist, and audibly painful Literally I Can’t, Melbourne duo The Stiffys took it upon themselves to make up a batch of lemonade out of these terrible, terrible lemons.

“WE TOTALLY GOT WHAT REDFOO WAS TRYING TO DO WITH HIS ART BUT FELT LIKE HE MISSED THE MARK SO WE MADE IT MORE ART ROCK BY MAKING IT A LOT SHORTER AND ALSO RESPECTFUL,” wrote the duo, in their signature all-caps style, introducing their revamped take on the song on their Facebook page.

Here, in place of Redfoo’s charming phrases like, “You got a big ol’ butt/I can tell by the way you walkin” the Melbourne boys sing, “Are you ok?” and “we respect girls”. And what of Lil Jon’s casual interjections of “shut the fuck up!” directed at various women who have the nerve to speak? The Stiffys have replaced this with the phrase, “just have a great time”.

This version of the song may seem unvarnished in its audio quality, and quite brief in its 1 minute 14 second length. And yes, it might have been crafted by a duo who call themselves The Stiffys, but it is still infinitely better than that slice of casual misogyny, and perpetuation of rape culture that Redfoo, and whoever else was involved with Literally I Can’t, somehow deemed music.

While Music Feeds has stayed away from reporting on this Redfoo debacle so far, so as not to draw any more attention to a god-awful song by a, likely, god-awful human being, we are totally on board with this shorter and, you know, respectful version of Literally I Can’t.

The Stiffys for X-Factor!

Watch: Literally I Can’t – Art Rock Cover

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